It turns out keeping up with a blog while on tour is hard. I’m more than halfway done, so there’s lots to catch up on. If you don’t want to read this whole thing, here is what I’ve learned in a nutshell: there are lots of kind people everywhere, there are great music scenes in the south, and dogs are the best.

11.4 Raleigh, NCย 

Everyone is so nice. Loved playing at Schoolkids Records with Roz and the Rice Cakes and Map the Sky. Chill af (as flerp) to play at a record store. I๏ธ had some time to hang out with The Blaneyses cousin Nelson, and his roommate Adi. Thanks for coming out and introducing me to the magic that is Waffle House. Shout out to Trey for finding out I was on tour and giving me a free meal there.


Masego “The Pink Polo EP”

Nick Hakim “Green Twins”

Moonchild “Voyager”

11.5 Charlotte, NC

This is where I met the first and only mean person on this trip! Perhaps he was having a bad day or perhaps he is just mean all the time. The world may never know. Everyone else was super kind, especially my family friends Toni and Craig who I stayed with. Craig was in Amsterdam for work and flew all the way back to Charlotte just to see me play my gig, then flew back to Amsterdam the next day. That’s about the most generous thing I’ve ever heard. Thank you to him and Toni for showing me around and to their friends Liz and Tim for dinner and selling a bunch of my CDs for me ๐Ÿ˜€

New dog friends: Pete and Gizmo


Chet Faker “Built on Glass”

Chet Faker “Thinking In Textures”

Jordan Rakei “Cloak” – “Live today, if only for one moment” stood out to me

Jordan Rakei “Wallflower”

11.7 Savannah, GAย 

Today was my day off. It was amazing. Savannah is possibly my favorite city ever. Super pedestrian-friendly. Cute little squares everywhere. Beautiful oak trees canopied over most streets. Antique shops, cafes, great food options, art galleries, writing incomplete sentences because I’m tired.

Street I stayed on in Historic District

Peaceful morning at the Air BnB Lil square Forsyth Park

The highlight was definitely going to The Olde Pink House, a restaurant with a charming candlelit lounge and bar downstairs. I was told to go there, introduce myself to Diana Rogers, who sings and plays piano there five nights a week, and she would have me come up and play a few songs of my own. Sure enough, when I met her and told her I was a musician, she called me up to sing.

] It’s difficult to explain the awesomeness of this night. It was dreamlike. Diana is an intriguing woman; she wore an extravagant lace outfit with a sunhat and earrings to match. She sang show tunes, jazz standards, and some Elton John, while sipping Ketel One on the rocks.

] Her voice was sultry and she enjoyed talking with the audience away from the mic, during piano breaks. Anyone who listens to her for even a few minutes could tell she’s been in the music business for a long time. It was inspiring to watch her perform and to speak with her after the show. Here we are by the fire next to the piano with a couple of her friends (who bought my cocktails!). I met some amazing staff there as well and will definitely be visiting The Olde Pink House every time I’m in Savannah.

New dog friends at the Air BnB


The Script “Freedom Child”

Bruce Springsteen “Born To Run”

Nai Palm “Needle Paw”

Jessie Ware “Glasshouse”

Had a 4-show run in Florida after this, but I have to go explore Atlanta real quick (thanks for lending me your laptop so I could type this up, Greg!). Off to Asheville, NC today! Thanks for reading.