Flounder Tourhorse

Traveling alone is as awesome as I’d envisioned. There were some nerves involved during my prep for tour, but none involved with hitting the road on my own. When I left Philly to drive to DC, it became a reality: I’m on a tour! By myself! I couldn’t help but smile and make one of those high-pitched “eee” noises (like you do when you see a Corgi attempting to run fast) as I pulled onto I-95. I think I was listening to Sza’s album “Ctrl” at the time (thanks for the rec LeAnna!). It was a beautiful moment.

I’ll try to keep this interesting while still explaining what I’ve done so far on my trip.

So, Day 1. First, I got out of bed. Then, I brushed my teeth. (jk that’s not how this is gonna go)

I started out in Philly on Nov 1 with the band. We played at an awesome house venue called Tasker House. Unfortunately in the three minutes I was in the bathroom before our set, the cops had come to the door with a noise complaint, which meant we had to play a pretty unplugged set. It was super cool to play new arrangements of my songs, but I was also super sad that half the band planning to play couldn’t anymore. BUT stay tuned for another full band show in the near future. Things happen and the show must go on. Thanks to everyone who listened and Anthony for having us!

Justin & Jake were The Magic School Bus to my Ms. Frizzle.

Day 2: Margot sent me off with a balloon that says “One Chance” (“Assume” reference anyone?!?) since she was Pennywise the Clown the night before. It was awesome to think that my first college roommate was now sending me off on my first big adventure toward my dream. Thanks for everything, Margot!

Playlist from Philly to DC:

  • SZA “Ctrl” – R&B singer-songwriter who doesn’t beat around the bush with her writing. I loved listening to this album and will def be listening again.
  • Moses Sumney “Aromanticism” – I felt like I was listening to an orchestral score mixed with R&B vocals mixed with folk vibes?! A pleasant unexpected sound. Whoever Moses Sumney is, he’s one of my new faves. Is he a fan of Snarky Puppy? Perhaps he’s in Snarky Puppy. Will research.
  • H.E.R. “H.E.R.” – Her (pun intended) vocals are quite truly #goals. “Let Me In” really stood out to me. The chorus melody is amazing, the line she sings on “Ay” is my fave and the story of trying to be there for someone who’s putting up a wall is familiar.

It was awesome being back in DC. So many trees and pretty colors. “Wow, so beautiful” was said several times aloud. Played at a really chill, friendly venue called Smith Public Trust with college friend Nicky Wood (of Yellow Cloud) and new faves Bronsen and the Expedition, based out of VA.

My cousins Lori and John came with their friends which was awesome! Jasmine, who works there, bought my merch before knowing if she liked my band. Super sweet and I’m glad she confirmed that she dug my sound after I played 🙂 Thanks to Nick Wood for the hospitality on the prettiest street in DC, playing guitar with me, and a chance to sing in the new studio before leaving!

Street in DC.

On a front lawn in DC. Agreed!

Playlist from DC to Richmond:

  • JamesArthur “Back From The Edge” – Felt an overall warmth listening to his voice.
  • Jessie J “Sweet Talker” – Otherworldly vocals.
  • FKJ “French Kiwi Juice” – Smooth as hell. Many dance moves and head bobs during my drive.

Garden Grove Brewing was the venue for the evening. Beer and wine on tap. Try their sake infused wine, dope! Played with a talented group of musicians called Vanilla Summit and even got one of their members to play some percussion on several of my tunes.

Vanilla Summit

Caught up with my friend, Kendall, from a music program I did in Jamaica five years ago! Thanks to her and her fiancé Ethan for having me! And to their dog, Toby, who you should def meet someday. Here we are chilling at a Barcade in Richmond that has walls of SELF-SERVE beer and wine taps. Wha?!?!?

Also, you must see the art museum if you ever visit here. There were lots of incredible things to see like this insane bed.

I ate this. It was good.

Speaking of food, I am super hungry and in Raleigh, NC right now! I’ll post in a few more days. Hope you enjoyed this and if not, sorry it was boring. Thanks for reading! Charlotte, NC tonight!

Seannie C (DJ Smooth Like Butter)