Floundie’s First Blog Post

I just missed my bus to Philly. You know how you can get super pissed about something and then ten minutes later you can’t stop laughing about it? Nothing like that.
Jk, it was exactly like that. You should have seen it. I’m straight up sprinting with my huge ass backpack in NYC searching for the flerping Bolt Bus. Buses are big so why can’t I find that shiz?!?! Even better I’m wearing bright floral shorts, a bright red T, and a loose flannel shirt over that. HAH. I hope someone took a video and is currently laughing at it with their friends.
For a few minutes I was like Whyyy. FML. My back hurts….Then I was like – hold up – life is fargin COOL and it’s been especially COOL this past year…so shut erp negative thoughts spinning around up there.
Reasons why it’s totally COOL (disclaimer: this is mainly interesting to my mom)
– Just released my first music video. In the words of a Facebook supporter “THIS IS HOT!!!” Agreed. Imho it is straight🔥Thanks to my bro, parents, friends, fam and band for making it #werk. Lerve y’all.
– Quit my jobs to pursue music full time. Alright I’m not making boat loads of money yet but I wasn’t making boat loads before that either. This has been the best decision I’ve ever made and I ain’t stopping any time soon. Btw music is an actual career and takes time just like any other occupation 😘
– Goin’ on tour! Hitting the road solo this November and pumped to see family and friends and strangers along the way. Tell your southern frands cause I’m goin all the way to Florida. #FlounderTourhorse2017
– Started doing improv. It’s for everyone, even if you’re not funny. Take it from me cause I have said many unfunny things on stage and it does not matter. It’s preferable to get laughs but not necessary for self-growth – it’s actually probs BETTER for self-growth if you DON’T get laughs all the time. That shit def makes you immune to embarrassment.
– In gen, life is fun and a good challenge.
Thernks for getting this damn far. Like wow. You really read everything.
Other thoughts: Bagel discotheque. Lilac soirée. Wrinkle Bay.

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